About Us

In the magnificent ice cream parlours of Valgatara and Arbizzano in the centre of Valpolicella, Marco and Liviana will lead you to the discovery of a product that is traditional in the true sense of the word.

Our secret?
Constant search for the best raw materials, processing of locally produced fruit, use of plants grown by us such as peppermint, raspberry, basil as well as spices, cocoa, dried and exotic fruit. Even the sponge cake is homemade with real rice flour and we are always looking for new flavours for ice cream, granita, semifreddo, frozen pastry, using the best that the Italian market has to offer.
In our ice cream parlours we try to offer something to our customers that is not only good but also healthy: after all, "we are what we eat."
All our products must retain their original flavours and characteristics: typical of true homemade ice cream.
The teaching of a master ice cream maker and experience gained over the years has finally led us to this point: the appreciation of the public has allowed us to open a second location in Arbizzano in 2011, in addition to the historical one in 1997.

We also produce lactose-free, gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream.

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